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The dashboard is the starting point of your O-FrontDesk account. Your O-FrontDesk Account is the administrative end of your business on the Owambe.com platform.

Manage Profile

Your Profile shows details of all the key information about your O-FrontDesk account, which includes your account name (called Partner Name)

How to Edit Profile Information

Follow the easy steps to edit your profile.

How to Change Your Account Password

Changing your account password is easy and simple!

Roles and Permissions

Roles and Permission is where you control and assign levels of account roles, access and permissions to persons or units in your business.

Creating a Sub-user Group

Click on the Roles and Permission tab on the left of your screen

Creating a Sub-user

Remember, a Sub-user is anyone in your business you want to grant specific access and roles in the management of your O-FrontDesk account.

Property Management System

The Property Management System is where you list your property [hotel, resort, meeting room or Event hall/venue] as well as, input, keep and manage all your rooms’ records, rates, availability, commission and amenities.

How to Add Your Property

Your journey to bookings really starts here!

Adding Rooms to Your Property

Adding your rooms inventory is the next most important thing in the journey to get bookings!

How to Change Layout and Skin Options

Would you like to change the layout of your dashboard? If you do, it’s so simple!

How to Change General Settings

You can change settings of how your O-FrontDesk dashboard works or displays information, by simply making preferred changes in the General Settings.

Adding Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms can be source of ancillary revenue to a hotel or resort. And if you own only a meeting room space, upload your inventory to start getting bookings!

Adding Event Venues

List your event halls to showcase your exquisite space, get more traction and bookings!

How to View List of Properties

The Property List page displays a list of all properties you have uploaded on your O-FrontDesk account.

Incomplete Property List

To view any property entry that you started but could not finish, simply click on Incomplete Property List tab

Custom Website

Here, you get all you need to create and customise your website and it design with our simple and easy website builder.

Building your Free Website

Build your free website fast and easy!

How to Setup Deals

With Manage Deals you can offer extra discounts to your customers. This to your business can be a powerful weapon in your conversion arsenal.

Creating coupon vouchers and codes

With coupons you can drive conversions and accelerate your revenue growth significantly by posting coupons on your bookings inventory.

Starting with the Front Desk

From your Front Desk you can monitor and manage all your bookings and sales activity! Make bookings and process payments on the O-FrontDesk, as well as, view your booking list, check-ins and check-outs of guests

How to Make a Booking on the O-FrontDesk

Using the O-FrontDesk is easy and simple!

How to View Check in, Check out and Booking Lists

You can view list of check-ins, check-outs and bookings with this easy guide

Manage Rates & Agents

Manage rates of your rooms or hall from other agents different from just ONE place!

Booking Calendar Report

To view your booking calendar report, simply click on the Booking Calendar Report link on top of the page or on the left of the screen, select your property/venue and the page simple opens, displaying your calendar report

Receiving and Sending Query Messages

From your Send Query, you can receive and send customers quotes, request for proposals and other custom requests. It works just like your email!

Using the InstantChat

With Chat you can send and receive instant messaging from your customers and keep your sales funnel active and live.

How to View Reports

Manage Reports helps you to view and manage summary reports and analytics of all your business activities. See all important booking activities and reports at a glance. Measure sales performance from your sales channels and get insights to revenue generat

Optimizing Sales on the Social Community

Here is your business’ marketing promotions engine room.